CRC Usage Guidelines

Please read the usage guidelines below for event space rentals and nonprofit meeting space.

CRC Usage Guidelines For Events

No smoking allowed indoors.

For indoor events, the CRC will accommodate approximately 150 people at a stand-up reception and approximately 60 people at a seated function.  More can be accommodated outdoors, weather permitting.

The volume of outside music must be played at a reasonable level and lowered immediately if requested by a JLM representative.  All outside music must cease by 10:00 p.m, all events shall end not later than 10:30 p.m., and the Leased Premises shall be vacated by 11 p.m.

The Lessee must be at least 25 years old and must be present at the function.  There will be no leasing for minors’ use.

Alcohol shall not be served to anyone under 21 and all bartenders must be 21 years of age, licensed by the Alcoholic Beverage Commission and insured.

Nails and pressure sensitive tape are not allowed on the walls or woodwork.

For functions requiring more than our 72 parking spaces, arrangements may be made through JLM to provide extra parking at the facility across the street.  Please give 45 days notice if extra parking is needed.  The JLM may require additional security at Lessee’s expense, if additional parking is deemed necessary.

Only votive candles may be used.  No open flame candles are allowed.

All decorations must be made of non-flammable material.

Ice sculptures may not be used inside the Leased Premises or placed on any furniture owned or maintained by JLM.

All caterers and other vendors (including, but not limited to, florists) must be approved in advance by JLM.  These vendors must have current applicable licenses, a certificate of insurance and proof of workman’s compensation coverage.

All equipment, decorations and food must be removed from the Leased Premises immediately after the event.  Food, drink and other spills must be cleaned.  All areas must be clear of trash and debris.  JLM is not responsible for any items left in the building.

Tents may be set up on the property; however, the use of stakes is strictly prohibited.  Tents must be anchored using water barrels. Tents and temporary flooring to be used in a tent may be set up 24 hours before the event and must be completely removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event.

Wedding portraits must be done during business hours and must be scheduled in advance with JLM.

Rice, birdseed, flower petals, confetti may not be used inside or outside the Leased Premises.  Bubbles may not be used inside the Leased Premises.


CRC Usage Guidelines For Non-Profit Meetings

The Community Resource Center (CRC) may not be used for non-profit social, political, religious or fundraising purposes other than JLM sanctioned events. CRC usage by nonprofits is limited to meetings. Meeting time shall not be booked with the sole intent to host a party or social event. Space will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Parlor will be scheduled for meetings only when all other CRC meeting rooms are in use. The JLM reserves the right to reassign meeting rooms in order to accommodate as many groups as possible. There may be multiple groups meeting at the same time, however the last group to leave the building is responsible for locking all doors, turning out all lights and setting the alarm. Groups in noncompliance with this policy will be fined $100.


The CRC is available for meetings Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Evening meetings may be booked between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays only. The CRC must be closed and parking area cleared by 9 pm. Note: If your meeting is scheduled anytime other than 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., you must sign out a building key and security alarm instructions during regular business hours. After arming the security alarm and locking the door, please drop the envelope containing the key/instructions in the mail slot located on the West side (kitchen entrance) door.


The regular operating hours of the CRC are 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. (Closed on Mondays in June, July and August). No parking (except for loading/unloading) is allowed in the circular brick driveway, the entrance and exit driveways or on Ellsworth Street. Please arrive early to ensure the area is arranged to your specifications.


It is not the responsibility of the Junior League of Memphis staff to change the setup of the meetings rooms. If you move the furniture, you must move it back when your meeting is over. Please do not move the rugs and do not move the table from the nonprofit boardroom (the sunroom). No equipment, furniture or furnishings may be removed from the CRC. Nothing may be posted on, tacked, taped, screwed, nailed or otherwise attached to the walls, woodwork, floors or any other parts of the facility.  Organizations and individuals using the CRC are liable for any damage to the CRC and its contents, and must leave the facilities, the furniture, and grounds clean and in order.


Smoking or vaping is not permitted in the CRC. Handicapped access is provided with a ramp on the north side of the building and an entrance ramp at the door facing Highland Street. For safety reasons, this entrance is locked. If this entrance is used, please remember to lock this entrance before exiting the building.


All groups must provide their own meeting supplies such as flip charts, markers and nametags. Kitchen privileges are available for light snacks, including use of microwave, oven and coffeemaker. This does not include china, glassware, flatware, linens, utensils, pots or pans. All groups must provide their own refreshments and related supplies. This includes cups, plates, napkins, condiments, utensils, serving pieces, etc. Please use the coffeemaker and filters to the right of the sink. Remember to turn off ovens and coffeepots. No red punch or other drink causing significant stains shall be served. The kitchen area should be left clean, as found. All food brought for a meeting should be removed (including food placed in refrigerator). All trash shall be removed from the building to the outside garbage containers at the completion of the meeting. Additional bins are located on the north side of the Carriage House.


The Junior League of Memphis is not responsible for dishes, trays, silverware, table arrangements, papers, pens, notebooks, coats, umbrellas, etc. left at the CRC after meetings. The CRC is a business office. The presence of children is not conducive to the transaction of Junior League of Memphis business. Anyone who brings children to the CRC should assume responsibility for their behavior as well as for any damage that might occur. If children must accompany an adult to the CRC, the adult should limit her business and keep the children with her at all times. The Junior League of Memphis cannot assume liability for personal injury or property damage involving persons attending meetings or events at the CRC. Lessor assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed in the CRC, and is held harmless from any and all liability for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property that may be sustained by reason of the occupancy and/or usage of the CRC.