Community Partnerships and Programs

The Junior League of Memphis has started, coordinated, or contributed to many of Memphis’ most worthwhile organizations. The number of community programs the Junior League of Memphis has been involved in over the years totals in the hundreds. We support a variety of needs, many of which are helping to revitalize Memphis neighborhoods. This year, JLM volunteers will volunteer more than 30,000 hours to the Memphis community.  We are excited to announce our 2017-2018 Junior League of Memphis Community Programs:


  1. Baptist: Camp Good Grief
  2. Carpenter Art Garden: Kids for Community
  3. First Works: Tutoring Program
  4. Habitat for Humanity: Hands on with Habitat
  5. Impact America: Save First
  6. Memphis Athletic Ministries: Ladies Night Program
  7. Memphis Tilth: Community Gardens
  8. Refugee Empowerment Program: Adult Acclimation
  9. Community Assistance Fund


  1. G.R.O.W. Binghampton
  2. G.R.O.W. Pre-K Readiness
  3. G.R.O.W. Berclair
  4. Neighborhood Impact Committee
  5. Kids in the Kitchen
  6. Extra Hands
  7. Innovative Teaching Grants
  8. JLM Voluntarism Scholarship
  9. TAPA

2017-2018 Junior League of Memphis Community Programs:

Baptist: Camp Good Grief
Volunteers assist The Baptist/Kemmons-Wilson Center for Good Grief in completing prep work before camp, undergo grief training prior to camp, and then attend a three-day summer camp in June 2018 to assist children who are grieving the loss of a parent, sibling or other loved one.

Carpenter Art Garden: Kids for Community

Volunteers lead Carpenter kids (ages late elementary school to middle school) in a monthly community service project that promotes their creativity while instilling in them the goodness and power of giving back to their neighborhood.

First Works: Tutoring Program

Volunteers interact with children during the evening meal then lead the children in either age-appropriate educational programming or tutoring/help with their homework. The relationships built between volunteers and students provides a way to really make a difference in the lives of the participants.

Habitat for Humanity: Hands on with Habitat—In this outdoor, hands-on program, volunteers work on yards, build wheelchair ramps, and revitalize homes to have a direct impact on neighborhood revitalization.  These are smaller project focused, rather than full home commitments.

Impact America: Save First
After completing tax-training, JLM Volunteers sit alongside Impact America staff members and other volunteers to help families file their tax returns.  This service is free, allowing the participants to save hundreds of dollars that would have otherwise been spent on tax preparation fees.

Memphis Athletic Ministries: Ladies Night Program
Volunteers plan fun activities and educational demonstrations to assist young girls, ages 2nd to 5th grade, in making positive life changes. Many of these children come from single parent homes and are often responsible for taking care of themselves, so if they can play in a safe environment after school, it lightens their load and brightens their day.

Memphis Tilth: Community Gardens
Volunteers work as a team, alongside members of the community to expand community gardens.  Members plant, harvest, and assemble raised beds, greenhouses, & compost tumblers in various community gardens around the city.

Refugee Empowerment Program: Adult Acclimation
Volunteers will empower and educate adult refugees by teaching English as a second language, pre-GED classes, as well as basic math and citizenship preparedness.  This program serves as a full-circle movement for the Jr League as the League was originally founded with the idea of improving conditions for immigrants arriving in New York City in the early 1900s.

Community Assistance Fund
The JLM sets aside funds for grants to nonprofit organizations that are deemed to have a significant positive impact on the community but would not meet the requirements to be one of our community programs.  Click here for more info or to apply.

G.R.O.W. Binghampton
Volunteers prepare educational programming on Thursday evenings for both parents and their children. These classes are collaborations with our local community partners and focus on such topics as financial literacy, discipline, education, advocacy, job skills, fire safety, cooking and in a very hands-on atmosphere.  At the end of the night, dinner is served to the participating families.

G.R.O.W. Pre-K Readiness
Volunteers partner with the Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers at Brewster Elementary School to choose books and crafts that go along with their current curriculum.  Volunteers are able to work one-on-one with the students to better prepare them for kindergarten.

G.R.O.W. Berclair
Volunteers host a biweekly dinner where kids of all ages engage in an age-appropriate activity while their parents are treated to a different educational program.  Following the program and activities, JLM volunteers serve a meal to the attendees.

Neighborhood Impact Committee
This committee is tasked with organizing special events in the JLM’s three target neighborhoods: Binghampton, Berclair, & Highland Heights. Volunteers work as a team to provide fun and creative entertainment for families, as well as reaching out to community leaders in these neighborhoods to determine how we can best serve their residents.

Kids in the Kitchen
Volunteers partner with various community groups to bring nutrition education to children, allowing these children to experience healthy snack/meal options in an interactive fashion. They work as a team to teach health education and fundamentals of healthy living while serving as role models to school age children.

Extra Hands
Volunteers lend a hand in the Memphis community and help with many activities including silent auctions, 5K runs, various benefits and events. Through the numerous opportunities, volunteers demonstrate the JLM’s commitment to the community.  Are you in need of Extra Hands?  Click here for more info or to apply.

Innovative Teaching Grants
This program is designed to improve the quality of life for school-aged children by encouraging and supporting excellence in teaching. Teachers may apply for grants which will enable them to implement original and creative learning experiences beyond the basic curriculum in school budgets. JLM volunteers review applications, select the recipients and track how funds were used in the classroom. Click here to view the 2017-2018 Innovative Teaching Grant application

JLM Voluntarism Scholarship
Each year, the Jr League of Memphis awards 3 scholarships to Memphis-area, female, high-school seniors who exhibit leadership qualities and have a strong volunteer history in addition to academic merit.  All recipients are first-generation college students who plan to attend a Memphis-area college.  Volunteers serve as mentors to previous scholarship recipients, promote this scholarship to current high school students, and work together to select future recipients. The 2017-2018 JLM Voluntarism application period will resume January 2018. 

Tennessee Advocacy for Public Awareness (TAPA)
Volunteer coordinates the TAPA community effort for the Junior League of Memphis, the JLM’s roll in the “Day on the Hill”, and educates the Board of Directors on any issues coming before the School Board, City Council, County Commission, State Legislature, etc. which will affect the business or projects of the JLM.