Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Junior League of Memphis?

The Junior League of Memphis (JLM) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.


As a women-only organization, aren’t you practicing discrimination?

JLM is committed to three equally important goals: promoting voluntarism, developing the leadership skills of women and improving communities. Historically, women did not have the same opportunities as men to learn and exercise leadership within their communities. As opportunities for women have increased, the Junior League believes that the training the Junior League provides for women makes them qualified to assume leadership positions throughout the city that are equal to those of men. The Junior League’s policy ensures that both men and women in every community where a Junior League chapter is present, can be leaders in community improvement. Everyone within the community benefits from the Junior League’s efforts. In addition, the Junior League’s community programs benefit all individuals regardless of age, race, religion, sex or socio-economic status.


Does the Junior League of Memphis engage in the political process?

As a 501(c)(3) organization, the JLM is prohibited from participating in political activity. No one may use the directory, facilities, equipment, personnel or other JLM resources to provide support to or oppose a candidate or campaign. The JLM cannot and does not endorse candidates.


Can I purchase or gain access to the Junior League of Memphis Directory?

The JLM does not share or sell its membership list or membership contacts under any circumstance. JLM Members are prohibited from soliciting the membership (via official JLM channels or utilizing the membership directory, or anywhere on JLM property or during JLM events or meetings) for membership, pledges, subscriptions, the collection of money, sale of items, contributions or the promotion of outside activities unrelated to the business of the JLM.


How does the Junior League of Memphis support and improve the community?

The JLM is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods in and around Memphis through the development of, and participation in, programs that positively impact the environments where people live, work and play.

JLM will revitalize neighborhoods through programs and partnerships, hands-on service and advocacy. JLM will play a strategic role in facilitating conversations among community organizations, leaders and other stakeholders, in order to determine how JLM can address the unique needs of each community we serve. The day-to-day work in these communities varies from tutoring to meal service, and many other activities that improve and enhance the daily lives of Memphians.

JLM has shifted from a project-based focus to an issue-based community impact model in order to have a deeper and more enduring impact on our community. This paradigm shift has moved our focus from meeting immediate needs to making a long-term impact on issues such as education, health, economic development and community pride.


Does the JLM offer trained volunteers to other nonprofit organizations?

Yes, the JLM formed the “Extra Hands” committee to provide assistance to nonprofit organizations for special events. We have an outstanding group of volunteers ready to serve. For more information, please visit


Does the JLM offer financial assistance to other nonprofit organizations?

The JLM sets aside funds for grants to nonprofit organizations deemed to have a significant positive impact on the community, but would not meet the requirements to be one of our community programs. This allows flexibility in appropriating funds to community agencies and organizations whose projects and activities are aligned with the JLM mission and focus. For more information, contact External Community Manager


How does someone become a Junior League of Memphis Member?

The JLM welcomes women of all backgrounds, who have an interest in voluntarism, a commitment to community service and an interest in developing their potential as a volunteer and leader in the Memphis community.

A prospective Junior League Member must:

Be 23 years old by the beginning of their first active year

Demonstrate an interest in voluntarism and a commitment to community service and have an active interest in developing your potential as a volunteer and community leader.

Be able to fulfill the Provisional year requirements as outlined by the Provisional Leadership team.

Be sponsored by a current JLM Member (Active or Sustainer Member who is in good standing) OR submit a letter of recommendation from an employer, college, family member or friend along with an online application. Letters of recommendation must be on letterhead, signed, dated, written expressly to the Junior League of Memphis and include submitter’s contact information. If you are interested in becoming a Member, please go to or contact the Recruitment Chair at

For more information on our eligibility and application process, please visit


Is the Junior League of Memphis diverse and inclusive?

Yes, for the JLM, diversity is when inclusion is brought to fruition through actions. There is an understanding and respect for the experiences, backgrounds and lifestyles of our Members. Our JLM Members aim to maintain an environment where every Member can see flourish with the organization. Our goal is to ensure the communities JLM serves are reflected in JLM’s Membership.


I am not a Member of the Junior League of Memphis. What other opportunities are available to me or my company to support the JLM?

The JLM offers a variety of opportunities for individuals, groups and organizations to support or partner with the JLM:

Develop H.E.R. Women’s Summit

Annual Fund

Celebrations in Table Design

JLM Witches Ride & Run 5K/10K

LEAD Program

Repeat Boutique

For additional inquiries, please contact our Director of Development at


Is there a Junior League in my area?

To find out if there is a Junior League in your area, contact:

The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI)

90 William Street, Suite 200, New York City, NY 10038-4609

1.212.951.8300, 1.800.955.3248 (U.S., Canada, and Mexico)


I am a Member in good standing of another Junior League. How do I transfer my Junior League Membership when I move to Memphis?

A Junior League Member must initiate the transfer process by contacting the last Junior League to which she paid dues.


I used to be a Member of the Junior League of Memphis, but resigned in good standing. How do I reinstate my membership?

To be reinstated, please contact the Membership Manager at


I was a Provisional Member of the Junior League of Memphis, but was unable to complete my Provisional course. Can I reinstate my Provisional membership in the Junior League of Memphis?

To become an Active Member of the JLM, a Member must complete a Provisional year, therefore, if a Member did not complete the Provisional course, she must be admitted to the current Provisional class, repay the Provisional course fee and complete all obligations.