Member Spotlight

Meet our Featured Member, Josalynne Love!


How has being a member of The Junior League of Memphis (JLM) contributed to your success?

Being a member of the JLM has contributed myself because it has connected me with women all over the city from various work backgrounds. Additionally, it has given me the ability to grow as a person in ways that I didn’t know I needed. My short stint with JLM has afforded me the opportunities to meet, connect with engage with women who push me to be a better person.


What is your favorite placement?

This is year my first year as an active member and I absolutely love my placement with REACH Memphis. It’s special to me because I did the program in high school so I’m excited to give back!


Why did you get involved in the JLM?

I wanted to get involved with in the city I love!


What have you learned from being a member of the JLM?

So many things! The best takeaway that I have is that I’m a part of a bigger community that’s striving to do great things in Memphis and across the country. Team work makes the dream work!


What advice do you have for other members about choosing a meaningful placement?

Each placement is a great opportunity to grow and make an impact. Never doubt the impact that you will have!


What’s been your favorite GMM location and/or speaker?

My favorite speaker was last month when we had the founder of the Refugee Empowerment Program. It was great to see her story and how she went about creating the program.


What is your occupation?

Director, Alumni Engagement for Teach For America Memphis


Who has inspired you in your career/field?

I can say a number of people have inspired me in my career but most currently I’d have to say my daughter. I got into education because of the inequities I faced and I stay in it so that all kids can one day have the education they deserve. My daughter serves as my inspiration because I want to see her exceed all expectations and achieve all her dreams.


What is your favorite Memphis restaurant?



What is your favorite quote?

“To live is the most precious thing in the world, most people just exist.” – Oscar Wilde


What is the last book you read and would recommend?

Becoming by Michelle Obama. I highly recommend it to everyone!