Member Spotlight

JLM: Member Spotlight: Lakshmi Vijayan

JLM Status: Provisional

What made you join Junior League of Memphis?

I wanted to join Junior League because of the opportunities available to serve the community in Memphis while also meeting other women with similar interests.

What do you hope to gain from the league?

I have an inherent purpose to be able to do something for others who aren’t as privileged with the same kind of opportunities I have, especially women and children. I’m hoping JLM  helps me to get out into the communities and work with people who need my help.

What’s your occupation?

I work as a Digital Liaison with ALSAC/St. Jude

 As a child, what did you dream of becoming when you grew up?

I wanted to be a Teacher.

 Who inspires you?

Malala Yousafzai – she is a 22-year-old education activist from the war-torn region in Pakistan and she fights for a world where all girls can learn and lead. Educations is a privilege in many parts of the world and when I see young girls like Malala fight the fight, it inspires me to give back to the community I’m apart of and help empower other girls and women around me.

What’s your favorite quote?

What are men to rocks and mountains? – Jane Austen

What’s your favorite place in the world?

My grandmother’s house. It’s located in a small village in Kerala, India. I grew up with my grandparents as they traveled across India and when I went away to study, they put their roots down there – I think it gives me a sense of familiarity and home.

What’s the last book you’ve read?

The Very Best of O. Henry: Short Stories

What are you passionate about?

Reading, traveling, and writing

Who would you like to swap places with for a day?

As Mark Powers on the night of 9, November 1989. He witnessed the teardown of the Berlin Wall. On that night, people gathered at the wall to begin tearing it down after it was announced by the East German Communist Party that citizens of the German Democratic Republic could cross the border whenever they pleased.

What do you enjoy doing on the weekends?

Biking, movies, exploring new restaurants and etc.

What’s your greatest achievement?

Consciously making an effort to improve my mental health.

If you could master a skill that you don’t currently possess what would it be?

Learn more languages (I speak about 5 now)

What’s something on your bucket list?

To implement more of an eco-friendly lifestyle – it’s a work in progress right now but a long-time dream is to be able to travel to Antarctica.